Common Order Picking Problems and How to Resolve Them

January 12, 2022 5:40 am


One of the most common problems in order picking is locating the correct order for the picker. The picker may place an order in a convenient location, but forget to put it in the designated spot. This will cause disruption in operations. In some cases, the item will be placed in the wrong location and a team member will have to waste time searching for the right item. In these cases, the error can be easily fixed by rearranging and simplifying the picking process.

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The best way to reduce picking errors is to implement the proper documentation or software system. It is important to have proper processes documented and without any gaps, as these can lead to mistakes. Another way to prevent mistakes is to conduct an overview of the process with the pickers and to identify areas for improvement together so the process becomes slicker and more efficient. This benefits the company as well as the staff. Make sure they have access to all the equipment needed to carry out their duties, such as Pallet Trucks Ireland. For example. Find out more at

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In addition to training, picking errors can also be caused by lack of information about the product. This can be a result of insufficient data or lack of knowledge. To avoid this, you can implement quality control measures. In addition, you should consider using weight checks or triple signatures to eliminate errors. If these are not enough, you should try to automate your warehouse. If you’re able to make the necessary changes, the warehouse will run much more smoothly.