Choosing the Right Flooring for your Home

July 29, 2022 6:15 pm


The flooring that you choose for your home, will either be the bane of your life, or your pride and joy – it’s one of those things that is so important to get right! Whether you have just moved in and want everything done right from the start, or you want to give your home a serious makeover that will last years, there are lots of elements to consider – from the wall colours to the right furniture. Flooring is another choice that you will need to make, that has a big impact and of course that you will be stuck with for quite some time, so it is a good idea to fully research your options. Here are a few things to help you decide…

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The Style of the Room – The style and colours in the rest of the room will of course have an impact on what type of flooring you might go for. Making sure that it is a good fit with the style of the rest of the room is an essential part of choosing flooring that you love and are going to be happy with for a number of years. If you are the type of person who regularly changes your décor and colour, consider flooring that is neutral and fits in with many styles, but if there is a certain look that you want to achieve, then have a look at home inspiration boards in the styles you like to get an idea of the flooring types that work well (and those you are not so keen on and can rule out!).

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Practical Needs – Flooring gets put through a lot – we literally walk all over it! Add in the effect of pets and children, and practicality and the ease with which it can be cleaned are huge things to take into account. In bedrooms, or in cooler homes, you might also want to consider the insulating abilities of flooring – carpets are much warmer on the feet and if your home tends to be on the cool side this is also something to consider. You could also go down the route of having heating in your floor, like this underfloor heating Gloucestershire company provides so you don’t have to have carpets to keep warm!

Space and Shape – Last but not least the space in the room and the shape will also help you to decide the type of flooring that you want. Lighter colours can bring a more spacious feel to a smaller room, whereas dark colours can add warmth and a cosy feeling.