Bring Some New Life into your Bathroom

September 10, 2021 10:27 am


Bathrooms are often overlooked rooms in the home. Expected to serve a purpose and be functional, when we consider a home makeover, we often think about new bedroom furniture or a new kitchen but a bathroom can often end up looking a bit tired, neglected and frankly outdated.

Going into a bathroom to enjoy a relaxing bath and a bit of quiet time to yourself is always nicer when your surroundings are pleasant, so here are some ideas for you if you want to make your bathroom look better – without the need for an expensive new bathroom suite…

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If your bathroom needs bringing up to date, have a look through pictures or home decorating magazines – what do the more modern bathrooms have? It may be different style taps, or modern lighting. These are things that you could change in your bathroom to instantly give it a much more up to date look.

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Sealant that is old and stained can often make a bathroom look a little grimy and old. This is an easy thing to sort out and you can do it yourself with something like this CT1 Bathroom Sealant.

If you want to experiment with new colours and don’t want to commit to painting, then try different coloured bath mats and towels to get an idea of the sort of colours that you like in your bathroom. You can easily change around what you want and it is a fun and inexpensive way to update the look.