How a Mobile Phone Can Keep You Safe

February 8, 2022 2:20 pm


The best way to secure your mobile phone is to lock it. When you’re not using it, you should set the phone to lock automatically after a set amount of time, preferably less than 2 minutes. You can also create a strong password and not let anyone else access it. This is very important because thieves can steal your personal information if you don’t keep it secure. When you want to upgrade your phone, contact Vodafone New Ross at King Communications, suppliers of Vodafone New Ross information.

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Mobile phones themselves can increase feelings of security and be a tool for enhancing your personal safety. You never feel like you’re alone when you carry a phone as you can call someone immediately if you feel you’re in danger. You can use the phone to pretend you’re calling someone so a potential attacker believes you are about to meet someone or get picked up. This can fool them into thinking that help is nearby and they should leave immediately.

Another great feature of mobile phones is that they can locate your whereabouts for emergency services. Did you know that by calling 112 instead of 999, your mobile phone location can be triangulated to provide emergency services with your exact location?

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It’s also a good idea to pre-programme important numbers into your phone, such as close friends, work colleagues and other emergency numbers so you don’t have to dial in the case of an emergency situation. Remember to always stay aware of your surroundings when using a phone and of course, never operate one while driving.