The Hottest Kitchen Trends of the Year

July 23, 2020 1:49 pm


If being stuck at home thanks to lockdown has, like many, inspired you to have a bit of a home overhaul then you may want to start with the kitchen. Getting an expert in such as this fitted kitchens Norwich company is a sensible move as they will help you make the most of the room and will be able to offer advice.

One of the most used room in the house, a kitchen has to provide you with not only all of yours and your families food needs, but also should be a pleasant and enjoyable place to spend time in – whether you are a budding chef, or need your kitchen to be a place the whole family can enjoy spending time in, these are some of the top kitchen trends of 2020…

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Dark Colours – Dark colours don’t have to mean dreary and have been making a big comeback this year. From gorgeous bottle greens and wines that add an air of sophistication, to full on black which creates a warm and modern feel, 2020 is the year to take your kitchen to the dark side.

Eco Friendly – The environment and climate change has been a hot topic, and has been hitting the headlines for a few years now, which has prompted many people to consider their green credentials and choose kitchens and furniture that has eco-friendly credentials to minimise their carbon footprint. Adding in cupboard space for recycling, and eco-friendly taps are a couple of ways that you can join the green brigade.

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Space Savers – With many people trying to make the most out of their living space, there are many ingenious ideas that you can use to maximise your kitchen space – from a kitchen island that can be used as a dining table for all the family, to a ladder to make the most of high ceiling homes with plenty of space to add shelves higher up.